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By the Glimmer of a Half-Extinguished Light is an hour-long solo choreographic piece. The work is comprised of only one body, a projector, a jug of water, and a gothic candelabra. This live art retelling of Frankenstein dissects the relationship between creator and creation, in which artist and artwork are mutually constructed. A body performs alongside its life-size doppelgänger projection. They meet between live moment and recorded moment, moving together in glitches and lags. These bodies manipulate each other into odd formations as they deconstruct the process of creating something living. The lines between them blur and they become uncanny versions of each other; they become obscured and multiplied, reflected through rippling water and faded through flickering candlelight. A world emerges made of old materials and new, and from it comes a hybrid body; a stitched-together creature made of self and other and both sides of everything. 

This piece was performed at the Southern Theater as part of the Southern Theater Partnership Program 2022-2023, presented in association with Lightning Rod Theater.

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