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Materiality in a Time of Hyperobjects: 

Embodying the Climate Crisis Through Technology in Performance

This practice-based research project expands from ontologist Timothy Morton's theory of Hyperobjects to explore ways in which interdisciplinary performance can make that which feels intangible tangible; to make the invisible abruptly visible; to grapple with our own materiality and our complicity within its obsolescence. 

As part of my research I created these video installations to the right. I also made a piece in which there was an invitation to interact with a large, shallow, area of water blocked out on the floor. Projected footage of my body shone onto the water which reflected back up on the opposite wall. The audience became accomplices in my own personal material transformation by creating ripples through my body. Everyone began to gather around the water. It became a communal ritual, reminiscent of primates sitting around a watering hole, curious of the initial means of life."

This work also explored ecological fluidity, non-anthropocentric understandings of objects, abjection and cyborg theory.

Although this title has been written, I would consider the concepts and practices developed in this piece to be ongoing and in continuous becoming. 

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