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In the Form of "Well-Lit Room"

This work uses chromakey altered live-images to visibly remove objects from a scene. The disappearing of objects is explored through the Ontological theory of tool-being (Harman), which understands that objects disappear when they perform their function seamlessly enough, appearing not as a tangible and real thing but rather as a series of effects and relations. I, as the artist, expose how I am making images as I create them, to understand our implication in exploitative processes and how it leads to a wide-spread state of dissociation. 

This is a piece currently in development. The initial R&D has been supported in a 6 month works-in-progress cohort through Red Eye Theater. This piece also formed the basis of a workshop as part of PRRRRR Hot Theory. 


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Images from PRRRRR Hot Theory workshop:
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