Maddie Granlund is an interdisciplinary performance artist practicing between the Twin Cities, Minnesota and Glasgow, Scotland. She has a Bachelor of Art degree in Contemporary Performance Practice from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. She is interested in meshing organic and digital materialities in performance to explore be-ing and its speculative futures. She works with projection, live bodies, elemental materials and the choreographing of these components into compositions that congeal the multiplicity of all objects. She explores how all of these things reflect, obscure, reframe, or manipulate each other in symbiosis to reveal some larger, seen-yet-unseen image. Through ecological theory embedded into live art, she aims to expose these deep entanglements and consider how we can embody them in urgent opposition to divisive and oppressive structures. Maddie has recently worked with Ultimate Dancer, has previously produced and devised works presented at the Minnesota Fringe Festival, and engaged in a professional placement with the Work Room. Maddie has also undertaken two residencies at Glasgow primary schools facilitating performance workshops with young people.